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Sam Calder knows prison changed him, and not for the better. Still, when he’s suddenly freed, he goes home wanting to make things right. Unfortunately, that hope fades when he stumbles into the midst of an assault on none other than the President of the United States and the one-time Navy SEAL leaps to the man’s aid. In the aftermath, the nation comes to believe its leader is dead and the ex-convict is somehow involved. With no other option, Sam flees with the badly injured chief executive in tow and the real assassins and every cop in the land in hot pursuit. Their only chance at survival now lies in Sam’s willingness to unleash that part of himself he wanted left in prison, and this time he can’t hold back.

"Forced Succession is definitely a page turner, hooked you from the very first one. I couldn't put it down." Regan Murphy, Reviewer

​"Bullock tells a gripping tale, filled with realistic, well-developed characters, fast-paced action, and numerous twists and turns. An enthralling read." Taylor Jones, Reviewer

Dave Bullock Thrillers